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amp is a member of the Audio Branding Society – an exclusive business club solely for accredited audio branding agencies. This only international industry forum of its kind enables helpful exchange between competitors as well as the development of a cooperative self-organisation. It aims at accelerating the professionalization of the growing industry and sharpening its profile in the public perception including clear distinction between society members and suppliers of music and sound lacking an underlying brand strategy. Membnership criteria for the peer-reviewed accreditation are strict to authenticate members’ expertise. The Audio Branding Society fulfills its function as an excellent branch overview and provides companies with the opportunity to search for suitable audio branding agencies.



amp is a member of GfM (Schweizerische Gesellschaft for Marketing) – the Marketing pioneer in Switzerland. Founded 1941, it has influenced the market-oriented corporate governance development in Switzerland significantly in the last 70 years.
More than 700 well-known companies from all sectors belong to GFM, as well as public-sector market-oriented institutions. It promotes marketing as a way of thinking of a sustainable corporate governance and is the reference and platform for market-oriented corporate governance. Research-programmes and -projects are concucted at the Center for Innovation (CFI-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen and the GfM research institute and research programmes (Best practive in marketing, Behavioral Branding and various ad hoc research-projects).



Sound Studies Lab invites young and experienced scholars and artists to do research on the sonic sensory aspects of individual lives and in heterogenuous societies, cultures and historical eras. The lab operates in mobile, experiential and field-based research environments. Its cooperation partners are Archiv für Semiotik at Universität der Künste Berlin, Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin, Design Research Lab and Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Historische Anthropologie at Freie Universität Berlin. The lab works with the most advanced and most influential international researchers and artists in the field of sound studies. The current team of guest researchers, research assistants and research collaborators comes from Denmark, Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.



amp's Managing and Creative Director Michele Arnese is Guest Professor for Sound Branding in the "Sound Design Certificate Master" at NABA – Nuova Accademia Di Belle Art – an internationally renowned innovative arts and design academy based in the heart of Milan’s design scene. NABA is the largest private educational academy in Italy. Its continued success over 30 years stems from the multidisciplinary approach of all of its programs and relies upon a well-balanced combination of theory, taught by distinguished teaching professionals and practical work with leading companies and studios. With 2.000 students coming from 60 different countries NABA has a real international feel adding value and enriching the student experience.




amp is a partner of Rosebud Strategies. The consultancy consists of an interdisciplinary team of seasoned experts from all over the world and offers all services involved in strategic brand consultancy. A stategy’s economic relevance is analyzed with a scientific approach and an emotion-based method.

In collaboration with Tom Ramoser from Rosebud Strategies, amp has developed an innovative analysis tool – the so-called Music Profiler – which enables to select music that puts the brand into an unique emotional relationship with people.
In contrast to conventional approaches, such as the typical product-centered "all customers in the same target group are alike", Rosebud Strategies pursues a people-centered brand philosophy whose central assumption and statement is: "All people are different".
The "Profiler" has been used by Rosebud Strategies in more than 100 projects and was mentioned in a variety of different publications (Manager Magazine, Harvard Business Review, etc.). Here is a selection of references: Coca Cola, Bosch, Escada, Esprit, VW, Aspirin, Clinique, Mercedes Benz, Agip, Master Card, China Telecom.
The collaboration between amp and Rosebud Strategies, and the resulting Music Profiler, were already successfully put to use in mid 2013 for the worldwide implementation of the music library for Triumph brand stores.