In detail

The Approach: Connecting a technology and engineering company with the emotions of music

Why is The Linde Group searching for an own sound identity? What connects a technology and engineering company with the emotions of music?


Emotionalise the company’s transformational journey

The Linde Group has been on a transformational journey to reshape the company for several of the past years. The first goal of The Linde Group's audio branding was to emotionalise  the message of becoming one company, one culture, one brand, in order to foster a feeling of belonging to one great team by means of music.

Add an emotional dimension to an engineering focused, technical communication

Audio branding at The Linde Group is also a way to add an emotional dimension to the company’s communication being very technical and focused on engineering. The communication takes advantage of this new emotional dimension, especially if it makes use of techniques such as storytelling – music helps to transmit the message and secure it in the memory.

Increase brand uniqueness

One of the reasons The Linde Group decided to start developing audio branding was to improve brand uniqueness with the key element of a sound identity. With a better integration of all aspects of the brand personality, The Linde Group achieves a better association with its mission and products.

Defining and Creating the sound for The Linde Group

amp started the creative development with a composer pitch and finally with an assessment to find out which deliverable has shown the best way to
1) represent the brand and
2) be flexible, memorable and recognisable.
The brand compliance was proven by matching the music with The Linde Group’s brand communication language and The Linde Group's brand visual language.

The result and its potential

The core elements of The Linde Group’s sound identity, The Masterpiece and The Linde Suite, together with motifs and sequences, are the basis for the further development of a wide range of applications enabling the brand to be heard in different situations. Based on the core elements, amp continued and focused the development of a set of applications to make the brand audible at different touch-points and in different situations.


A sound identity has to be continually developed, enhanced, extended – so the process at The Linde Group is still evolving, even after 3 years. One operative step amp is working on is to integrate all the elements of The Linde Group’s sound identity, all applications and guidelines into the Linde Brand Management Portal to give all communication, marketing and branding employees worldwide direct access to the sound material. One conceptual step amp is working on consists of the "contextualisation" of The Linde Group brand music in two subcategories – healthcare and clean technology – to create branded music that can be used in the corresponding divisions, unifying the branding aspects with The Linde Group and its special businesses, each of which requiring different musical expression.

Spreading the message

Brand music is used in different forms for all media in the internal and external communication. The branding and communication team at The Linde Group and the event and design agencies working for The Linde Group are now aware of the advantages of having a tool that delivers the right audio support for all communication activities. Since 2010, The Linde Group's communication team has been using The Linde Suite for several major brand change events worldwide. A strong brand ambassador, a story-teller and an entertainment element in one.
For the 2012 Management Conference in Shanghai, amp realised the Linde Suite Part II: the journey continues. A new symphony celebrating the determination to be number one in the world and a great demonstration of the continuity in the emotional approach based on sound identity for the internal communication at The Linde Group. The best measurable result of the development process for a B2B company – like The Linde Group – is the fact that requests for using the brand music are coming often directly from local communication teams: the best way to prove that music finds its own way.

The CEO’s personal message to all employees

"Music forms an integral element of culture – it brings its spirit to life. Our common culture is what binds us together, through the values we live and the inner conviction we share. We have translated this spirit into music, into the Linde Suite. It is a musical journey through time, from the early days when our company was founded, all the way to its most recent transformation and our rise to a truly global player. Our very own music shall now accompany us on our journey to become the High Performance Organisation we are striving to be. It shall give us a feeling for the pleasure of creating our very own unique profile."

Convincing both: Client and expert juries

Concept, strategy and implementation of an holistic audio branding for The Linde Group including three years development, all media and brand touch points involved not only convinced client but also two expert juries.
In 2014 Red Dot Award's  jury honored this project with its Winner award, the award for high design quality for the project. 


In 2012, Audio Branding Award's jury honored the project with its Bronze Award at the Audio Branding Congress 2012 at Oxford University.