amp sound branding

The Sound of Brainlab
providing acoustic support for medical staff.

We created a functional sound set of high importance for medical devices to enhance the existing UX UI with sounds to guide precise surgical procedures.


How can medical staff be supported acoustically in their work?
How can Communication be Improved between Medical Professionals in Hospitals through sound?

As Brainlab's products follow high design standards and are characterized by distinctive features, the brand wanted to enrich its software with a sound identity. The software is implemented in the digital control center Buzz, a system developed by Brainlab, but can also be used over a desktop computer. Buzz provides a wide range of functions. Medical staff is able to access and edit patient information, plans, pictures and videos, to plan and carry out procedures. An integral part of Buzz is the videoconferencing application. This software is used by doctors and other medical staff to facilitate and complement communication between operating rooms, offices and nursing stations.




amp developed a set of functional sounds, based on the brand values INSPIRATION, INTEGRITY and SIMPLICITY, taking into account various technical requirements and graphical interface design. On the one hand, this set supports the usability of the software, on the other hand, the sounds express Brainlab as a brand. In workshops with the development team, amp defined brand-relevant sound characteristics, considering effects and intermodalities of sound. The resulting sound route was ultimately familiar, but enriched with characteristic sonic surprises.


Making Functions Audible

In previous projects, we developed what is now the Brainlab Sound Identity, emphasizing and translating the brand values INSPIRATION, INTEGRITY and SIMPLICITY into sound. Using this acoustic language, we developed a functional sound set including feedback, cue and warning signals for the relaunch of Brainlab's electromagnetic (EM) navigation software technology. These functional sounds support surgeons in their operation of different instruments during surgery or prep.

The Software

Developed specifically for ENT surgery, the software visualizes areas of the body on digital 3D models. Using a pointer (EM Pointer) to focus on individual areas, medical staff are able to create precise "pathways" to specific parts of the body. These paths are used to plan and execute complex surgeries.



Having analyzed the different functions, operations and procedures made possible through this Brainlab software, we developed specific sounds to serve as confirmation of completed interactions and as positive/negative feedback. The functional sounds confirm that the surgeon is following the defined pathway, indicate the progress that is made, and notify of any immediate vulnerable structures. The big advantage of these functional sounds is that surgeons are not only bound to the visual display but can also receive audible feedback of their movements. Precise design of these sounds was particularly important to establish uniform multi-sensory perception of surgical actions in real-time. This way we were able to ensure that users interact with the software in an intuitive fashion. The result is a functional sound set that adapts and responds to the specific needs of the device environment.



Brainlab is a world leading manufacturer and designer of soft- and hardware for medical devices. With innovative technologies the brand ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment. The brand is characterized by a new and individual design, has been awarded by several design awards and occupies a niche in the medical technology sector.