amp sound branding

the sound dna is the key.

the making process of a sound identity:
from your sound dna to each audible touchpoint
we are experts in all areas of your audible brand experience.



The Sound DNA is the cornerstone of every Sonic Identity and serves as the basis for all of our services. To guarantee recognition and a unique emotional experience at all audible touchpoints, we use ingredients from a core Sound DNA to craft specific sound elements as part of a Sound Identity - because brand recall, consistency and a modular strategy are key to a long-lasting Sound Identity for every Audio Branding project.

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If you are curious about our way of thinking, take a look at this interview with our Global CEO Michele Arnese, published in the W&V, a major German advertising and communication magazine.

Once we answer the question "how does the brand sound" and "how does the brand not sound", we proceed to create Sound Identity elements using ingredients taken from the brand's Sound DNA. We are able to satisfy all audible touchpoints of the brand in this manner.

We are the only sonic branding agency that offers complete coverage of your audible touchpoints.