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Sound identity for BEEZERO

Sound identity for BEEZERO



The Linde Group asked amp to develop a new Sound Identity for their startup, BeeZero: a hydrogen-powered car-sharing program. amp created an intimate and inspiring brand song, inviting people to try this entirely new mode of transportation, free of all emissions.

The Linde Group is a world-leading gas and engineering company with approximately 62,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. Linde’s Gas division serves customers across almost all industry segments, including healthcare (medical gases). Linde represents over 130 years of technological progress. Technology, innovation and an inventive spirit have characterized the company since its inception, thanks to its founder Carl von Linde.


The Approach: A Hydrogen-Powered Car With the Sounds To Move People (Emotionally)

The Linde Group, one of amp’s many clients, has perfected hydrogen-powered mobility.

BeeZero, a subsidiary of the Linde Group, asked amp to develop a Sound DNA introducing its cutting-edge product: a hydrogen-powered car-sharing program, based in Germany. amp’s goal was not only to inspire engagement with the new product, but to inspire the courage to try this entirely new mode of transportation.


Defining and Creating the Sound for Bee Zero

Based on briefings provided by BeeZero’s brand management team, amp analyzed the BeeZero brand and defined its target group. Given the brand’s focus on zero-emissions mobility, the decision was made to focus the Sound DNA concept on both innovative and humanitarian values. This was a straightforward decision, given how environmentally friendly the product is (car sharing and zero emissions), and the fact that it provides real authentic mobility, independent of digital experiences. Another reason for this particular focus was the need to humanize a futuristic product: a product, which had previously been deemed dangerous. In other words, given the futuristic nature of the product and past fears associated with hydrogen-powered mobility (previously uncharted territory) the Sound DNA was designed for intimacy and close impact.  


The Result and its Potential

amp created a Sound DNA for BeeZero. Through the use of claps and energetic vocalisms, the Sound DNA inspires people to try the new product, presenting the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell car and the BeeZero car-sharing program as the innovative and environmentally friendly initiative that it is.  

Karolina Namyslowski