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The Sound of BrainLab Buzz Application

Audible functionality and
functional audio for medical communication

Brainlab was in search of audible support for its new videoconferencing software (designed for communication between medical professionals in hospitals).
amp developed a brand-specific functional sound concept and used this as the bases for the production of a holistic functional sound set.
In this way, amp created a professional and unique acoustic product identity supporting crucial communications in hospitals.


Brainlab is a world leading manufacturer and designer of soft- and hardware for medical devices. With innovative technologies the brand ranks among the world’s leading manufactureres of medical equipment. The brand is characterized by a new and individual design, has been awarded serveral design awards and, thus accupies a niche in the medical technology sector.


The Approach: Making functions Audible

Given the distinctive features and high design standards of Brainlab's products, the brand wanted to enrich its software with a unique sound identity. The software is implemented in the digital control center Buzz, a system developed by Brainlab. Buzz provides a wide range of functions: including accessing patient records and editing plans and videos for specific medical procedures. An integral part of Buzz is its videoconferencing application. This software facilitates and eases communication between doctor's offices, nurse's station and other medical facilities.

To enhance this software with unique and relevant sounds, the question to be answered remains: what does the brand Brainlab sound like?


Defining and Creating the sound for Brainlab

Based on the Brainlab brand values, INSPIRATION, INTEGRITY and SIMPLICITY, amp developed a set of functional sounds. Each sound takes into account the various technical requirements as well as the graphic interface design of the software. This sound set supports user-friendliness and eases interaction with the software, while also communicating the brand acoustically. In workshops with Brainlab's development team, amp definded sound characteristics by considering various possible effects and intermodalities of sound. The decision came down to a sound route which is familiar but also embellished with small individual surprises. amp ultimately translated these workshop results into a set of functional sounds heard in the Brainlab's Buzz software today. 


The result and its potential

When using the software now, a simple and organic sound family can be heard. These sounds mostly consist of musical and rhythmic components but also contain noise-like elements. This sound characterization aims to contrast the dense noise made by typical medical devices.

amp particularly consindered the spectral transmission characteristics of different devices (internal and external speakers at Buzz, laptop, headset), making sure that the final sounds remained as flexible as possible.

To establish a meaningful contrast from background noise during procedures, amp had to ensure intuitive sound-interpretation. Therefore it was important to test and optimize the synergistic audio-visual perception of actions and animations, making the user´s interaction with the videoconferencing application more intuitive.

Brainlab understood that a unique sound identity supports both functionality and brand image. Sounds for feedback, advice, alarm and error functions now support and supplement the interactive nature of the software and demonstrate a concrete brand communication within a holistic acousic identity.

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