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Campaign Sound Identity for Debitel

Innovating the TV market as well as the brand itself

For its “watcha” rate - Debitel’s new mobile television feature - the brand was looking for unique sound elements to use on its microsite.
amp’s concept involved a sound identity, sound logos, brand music and sound design.
amp created this broad set of sounds and contributed to Debitel’s pioneering of mobile television.


With more than 13 million customers, debitel AG was Germany's biggest telecommunications service provider. In 2009, the brand's name changed to Mobilcom-Debitel GmbH.


The Approach: A mobile television pioneer Looking for the right sounds for its mobile channel

Just in time for the soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany, television in Germany went mobile with the help of Debitel. To help introduce its new mobile television feature, Debitel used a dedicated microsite for the promotion of its "watcha" rate.


Defining and Creating the sound for Debitel

amp first analyzed the Debited brand and defined its target group. This was done in a joint workshop, where the basis for the development of the sound identity was established. Once the concept was agreed upon, amp found a brand voice (speaker) for the brand, and composed/produced brand-specific sound logos, brand music and sound design.


The result and its potential

amp created a broad set of sounds for this project, including the debitel sound logo, the watcha sound logo, the brand music and the microsite sound design. Debitel's new brand sound contributed to the innovation of mobile television in 2006.

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