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Sound for the German Film Award

A grand music concept for a superb award ceremony 

German Filmpreis (German Film Award) wanted its event to resemble the Oscars for the first time since 1951.
amp composed a theme song for use in three scenarios – the grand opening, the winner jingle, and the closer – and recommended a large symphony orchestra to play.
The power and opulence of this music concept embellished the award ceremony with grandeur and successfully contributed to the Oscar Night character that the event strived for.


Deutscher Filmpreis, founded in 1951, is the most famous and most generously endowed award for German films. Until 1998, the prize had been handed out by the German Interior Minister. Since 1999, however, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media has nominated prize-winner. This new trophy is the called "Lola", a statuette in female form. The official awards show, inspired by the Oscars, is held in the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden.


The Approach: Event-transformation through sound

In June 1999 - for the first time since 1951 - Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Award) was to be held as part of a glamorous TV gala rivaling Hollywood's Oscar night. For this nearly four-hour mega-event, which brings together the crème de la crème of German culture, the German Federal Film Board commissioned production company Schwanstein AG to develop a Hollywood-grade soundtrack that would encompass the whole evening, from the arrival of the guests, to the winner’s anthem, up until to the grand finale.


Defining and Creating the sound for Deutscher Filmpreis

After receiving the creative brief from the production company, amp composed the theme song, designing it for three different scenarios – the grand opening, the winner jingle, and the closer. amp recommended a large symphony orchestra play the music live while simultaneously enhancing the performance through the use synthetic drum loops.


The result and its potential

Following the extensive arrangement and orchestration work, as well as the sound mix conducted in amp's own studio, the power and grandeur of the music was realized with the help of 72 members of the Bavarian State Orchestra.

amp sound branding