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For its Management Conference 2010, The Linde Group looked to amp for audio-support.
amp organized a concert of the Linde Suite, played by a symphony orchestra and a keyboard player, whose LED key matrix let the audience see the music as it was played in real-time.
amp not only provided musical entertainment, but also delivered long-lasting audible proof of a common Linde Group identity.

As the Linde Group prepared for its Management Conference 2012 in Shanghai, amp developed a concept that would leave lasting emotional impressions and lifelong memories with participants.
This spectacular result was achieved through the use of impressive sound installations at a Linde Group concert played by the Shanghai Opera and Choir.


The Linde Group is a world-leading gas and engineering company with approximately 62,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. Linde’s Gas division serves customers across almost all industry segments, including healthcare (medical gases). Linde represents over 130 years of technological progress. Technology, innovation and an inventive spirit have characterized the company since its inception, thanks to its founder Carl von Linde.




Every two years, the entire Linde Group Board and 500 top Linde managers from around the world meet at The Linde Group's Management Conference to define, discuss and evaluate strategic topics for corporate development. amp's task was to set the musical and acoustic scene for the Management Conference in such a way, that those attending will remember the conference's themes for a long time to come. The Linde motto, "I am taking the lead", demonstrates The Linde Group's goal of taking decisive steps to become the world market leader in industrial gases.

Defining and Creating the Sound for the Management Conference

The cornerstone of the Linde Group's acoustic identity is the catchy, versatile Linde theme, which grows into a four-movement suite. At the Management Conference 2010, the Linde Suite was performed by a classical symphony orchestra and supplemented by ethnic and electronic instruments. This took the audience on an awe-inspiring journey through four epochs and the most important phases of the company’s history. The music was not only designed to fuze traditional and futuristic elements, but also to reflect the company’s multicultural values.


How does one create true passion for something? Through unique musical experiences. This was the case at the Linde Management Conference 2010, where 500 attendees were treated to a surprise premiere of the Linde Suite. The audience was spellbound by the symphony orchestra and the four soloists playing ethnic and electronic instruments – the most important of which was the Tenori-On, a keyboard whose LED key matrix let the audience see the music as it was played in real-time. Following the success of the premiere, a recorded copy of the Linde Suite and a personal greeting from the CEO, were sent to all Linde employees around the world – audible proof of a common identity.



Following the extraordinary musical sensation at the Management Conference 2010, the challenge was to go a step further in 2012. Meeting in Shanghai set completely new standards.
Extravagant sound installations at various locations were intended to welcome participants in the spirit for the conference. The goal of the soundscapes was to reference both the venue as well as to the company: industrial sounds, natural sounds, urban sounds, ethnic sounds and music accompanied participants throughout the conference. The main event and conclusion of the conference was a live concert played by orchestra and choir.

  • At the hotel, the conference's main location, the Linde Lounge featured an unobtrusive soundscape accentuating visual design themes.
  • Specific musical themes and motifs guided participants through the conference. A traditional gong announced the beginning of important events.
  • The club event at the trendy M1NT Club was divided into two different sound zones: the restaurant and the club lounge. In both zones, a fitting atmospheric sound and music environment provided pleasant entertainment for guests from all over the world.
  • The emotional highlight was the live concert in the Bubble. The location presented unimaginable challenges for the sound engineers, however, the team managed to convert the location into a concert hall in no time. Orchestra and choir, as well as erhu, duduk and taiko players, created veritable waves of excitement in the audience.


The first part of the Linde Suite of 2010 was a musical trip through the history of the company. In 2012 the journey continues through amp's new composition "From Source to Ocean", accompanying all Linde employees on their way to the top of the world.

amp sound branding