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The Sound of Summer for Maxi Magazine

Selected gems for hot summer days

The Heinrich Bauer Verlag was interested in releasing a CD compilation for its June issue of Maxi magazine.
For this compilation, amp selected pop songs which would meet the Maxi readers standards and make the beautiful moments of the summer unforgettable.
With “THE SOUND OF SUMMER”, amp not only substantially increased the June issue’s sale, but also gave 250.000 Maxi readers a musical treat.


"REAL LIFE in GLAMOROUS SHOES" – that is Maxi, the young, sophisticated monthly magazine for self-confident women. The makers and their readers are one of a kind: the same wishes, the same troubles. They mirror their readers. Maxi is not only a look, Maxi is an identity: in some ways decadent and beautiful – sometimes naive and playful, even girlish, yet elegant. This identity makes Maxi modern and unique. Maxi readers are young educated, working women with above-average net household incomes.


The Approach: Summer sound pearls for readers' maximum treat

Maxi's publishing and editing management wanted to give their readers a unique and special gift – one that would reflect the identity of the magazine and arouse emotions. The idea: A playlist compilation designed to make the most beautiful moments of the summer unforgettable.


Defining and Creating the sound for Maxi

amp presented a concept themed: "Mix tape for a short summer trip". This concept involved high-quality songs that take listeners on short journeys into the sun and highlight the moments that make the journeys unforgettable. Unlike other playlist compilations which are based on mainstream titles, amp selected "pearls" of pop music to meet the Maxi reader's unique standards.


The result and its potential

Artists such as Phoenix (word-famous band from Versailles), Benjamin Biolay & Chiara Mastroianni, Lissy Trullie (a strawberry blonde model from New York), Keren Ann (part of the Paris "nouvelle chanson" movement) and Jasmin Tabatabai, made up this acoustic treat. With its 250,000 copies, "The Sound of Summer – Maxi-CD Vol. 1" substantially enhanced the issue’s sale, with readers' feedback showing that the CD really did contribute to a musically unforgettable summer.

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