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Brand Soundscapes for Mini

Little surprises with grand effects

For the internal management event “Mini 2021”, the BMW Group sought a sound collage and sound installation to help create a relaxed atmosphere.
amp’s concept involved connecting nature and technology. This concept became the basis of the implemented sound design, as it continually provoked little surprises through randomly mixed sounds
Through the use of moving-speakers, bird chirping sounds became so authentic that many attendees were spotted looking for the sound-sources.


With its three brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, BMW Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. BMW Group also provides premium financial and mobility services. As a global company, the BMW Group operates 30 production and assembly facilities in 14 countries and has a global sales network in more than 140 countries. 2014 was BMW Group’s company’s fourth record year in a row with more than two million deliveries and sales of of 2,117,965 units, more than ever before in the group’s history. 110,351 employees contributed to a profit (before tax) of approximately € 8.7 billion.

In Detail

The Approach: MINI 2121  an acoustic outlook

Where does the MINI brand go? What strategic issues will shape the style-conscious brand MINI in 2021? These were the topics discussed by BMW management at BMW-Day. The day culminated in a relaxed atmosphere at an informal get-together. amp was commissioned to design and shape an organic sound collage and sound installation for this informal evening. 


Defining and Creating the sound for MINI 2121

Sound, light, architecture, video and music were combined to create organic multimedia entertainment. Under amp's direction, the concept of connecting nature and technology became the basis of the design: therefore natural sounds such as singing birds, natural sounds etc., as well as technical sci-fi sounds, functional sounds, synthesizers, etc. could be heard simultaneously. The combination of these sounds imbued the area with a relaxed atmosphere and continually provoked little surprises through the use of real-time sound mixing. The sound installation was completed with this generative technique.
Generative music is a compositional concept coined by Brian Eno. This type of music is generally implemented by software. The individual fragments of music (one could also speak of modular components) move within a defined framework, but their positions are continuously randomized by a computer. 


The result and its potential

At the event in the Reithalle Munich, several different sound zones were established and implemented. Every 20 minutes the audio streams switched between various realms of sound, generating a varied and exciting sonic atmosphere for the guests. A peculiarity of the sound installation was the use of moving-speakers for the bird chirping. Additionally, the bird chirping sounds were projected from special speakers with high acoustic pressure. The movement of these speakers generated the illusion of real birds in the hall. The forest design of the central area was accomplished through the use of video projections on tree leaves and the movement of the bird sounds, turning the event into an overall sustainable experience.

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