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The Sound of Triumph

From digital channels to the store:
emotionalizing a world leading fashion and lingerie brand

Since the repositioning of its main brand, Triumph has focused on the successful implementation of its new brand identity at retail locations, their most important contact points. In parallel to this implementation, amp developed a Triumph-specific sound for retail locations around the world. Using amp’s innovative, targeted and brand-specific Music Profiler, a well-rounded and professional selection of music was compiled for the in-store sound of the Triumph brand.

amp’s Music Profiler works in combination with the Rosebud Profiler. By taking into account the values and attributes of a brand, the music profiler defines musical qualities that appeal to target consumers. This tool makes it possible for amp to generate a precise profile of what Triumph should sound like, not only in terms of brand fit, but also in terms of recognition and differentiation.

Following the global rollout of the Triumph Music Library, Triumph recognized the potential of Triumph-specific music beyond retail spaces. Under amp’s guidance, the Triumph brand theme, “You Belong to Life”, was developed for the use of various campaigns.

Triumph belongs to Triumph International, an international market leader among lingerie, undergarments and sleepwear companies and the world’s biggest manufacturer of undergarments. The company distributes its products under the main brands of Triumph®, sloggi®, Valisère® and HOM® in more than 120 countries. Around the world, Triumph International supplies 40,000 wholesale customers and retails its products in 2100 Triumph stores, as well as in many of its own online shops. Triumph International’s more than 36,000 employees chalked up sales of CHF 1.44 billion in 2014.



In order to generate a Triumph-specific store sound, amp collaborated with Triumph’s branding and retail departments. The Triumph Music Library was established by developing a concept integrating Triumph’s brand values and the archetype profiles of its target groups.




The initial phase of the project required amp to define the sound of Triumph. Given the importance of this preliminary phase, a joint workshop with Triumph’s branding departments was held. It served as the starting point for the development of a Creative Brief, which ultimately defines the sound of the brand and its essence.

In analytical psychology, archetypes are thought to be situated in the collective unconscious and serve as primordial images of human value systems. They are now used in various systems that serve as marketing instruments with diverse areas of application. In this archetypal framework, it is possible to specify and categorize the wishes, inclinations and disinclinations of various consumer-types.
In collaboration with Tom Ramoser of Rosebud Strategies, amp engaged in qualitative and quantitative customer-analyses to identify the archetypes of Triumph’s target groups. Using this information, it was possible for amp to isolate specific archetype values and desires and to translate these into definable musical qualities, using time-tested musical parameters (harmonic and rhythmic complexity, tempo and dynamics, etc.).
All potential Triumph-specific retail songs were analyzed in the Music Profiler and assigned to an archetype depending on the evaluation of their musical parameters.

Once a song’s target archetype was found to correspond to one of the Triumph customer archetypes, it was further evaluated against amp’s translation of Triumph brand values. The assessments were not done automatically, but by experts, albeit assisted by specialized software. But how can brand values be illustrated or represented in a song?
If a brand and its products are supposed to sound self-assured, self-determined, carefree or passionate, then a more intensive study of the songs and their performers is called for. For instance, if the mood of a song is oppressive, the lyrics not very self-aware and the performer not autonomous, then there will be no agreement between the song and a brand whose central brand value is self-awareness. The title is therefore deemed unsuitable for the Music Library.




1st step: from the artist to the song
To get started, amp first filled the Triumph Music Library with potential songs by so-called "core artists", who represent Triumph's brand values well.  Other artists with common attributes were then sought across all genres.

2nd step: from the song to the Triumph brand
Once the Music Profiler analysis of a song yielded a correspondence with both Triumph archetypes and brand values, then the title was added to the Triumph Music Library.

3rd step: playlists for different times of day
Based on human circadian rhythms, the songs from the Triumph Music Library were sorted into playlists for different times of day according to their energy levels.



For the creation of the Triumph Brand Theme (Sound DNA), amp referred back to the Creative Brief established by the initial workshop with Triumph’s branding departments. The result was „You Belong to Life“, the Triumph Brand Song, written by Violetta Parisini, a well-known Austrian singer-songwriter. This Sound DNA consists of a brand melody, brand-specific sounds and unique riffs and licks. “You Belong to Life” now characterizes the brand and makes Triumph unique and recognizable at all of its audible touch-points. 

“You Belong to Life” is what amp refers to as the “Masterpiece”. The Masterpiece consists of multiple moods and styles allowing for flexible and brand consistent adaptations. The diverse moods enhance visual language with a unique sound, but most importantly share a strong common element, the Sound DNA. In this way, the Triumph Sound DNA is not only heard in the Brand Theme, but also in all future edits and adaptations, film productions and events



We attach great importance to an integrated conceptual approach in brand communication. Using amp’s Store Sound Concept, Triumph has built a unique and emotional relationship with its customers. We are very happy with the result and are currently in the process of rolling out the new store Sound Concept in Europe and the USA.
— Mirjam Pfundt, Senior Store Design and Communication Manager at Triumph