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the sound of the brand warms up the customer experience. On every touchpoint.


Sound influences our mood and behavior in ways we hardly realize. The right music has the power to bring us to tears, put a smile on our face or simply make us feel at home. That’s why amp developed a whole new dimension of UniCredits brand identity—the UniCredit Sound Identity. As financial services go digital, the UniCredit Group wants their customers to continue to enjoy the same warm and personable experience they’ve always counted on from UniCredit. Based on the original “You are Welcome” Brand Theme, the new Sound Identity expresses in music UniCredits ‘Real-Life Banking’ brand positioning, providing an emotional reminder that, while life has its ups and downs, UniCredit is there for both.

UniCredit Group is an Italian global banking and financial services company. Its network spanning 50 markets in 17 countries, with more than 8,500 branches and over 147,000 employees.[7] Its strategic position in Western and Eastern Europe gives the group one of the region's highest market shares. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.


UniCredit Case film

Premise & Brand positioning

As a leading European brand, UniCredit must represent their unique communications and identity approach through an impactful and recognizable Sound Identity. The implementation must be consistent across all markets and across all our stakeholders’, customers’ and employees’ touch-points.

A strong and consistent sound identity differentiates UniCredit, allowing the brand to stand out from the crowd.

UniCredit's brand positioning - Real-Life Banking - is about delivering concrete answers and real benefits to the challenges and opportunities their customers face in their real life, every day, everywhere.
Each piece of audible communication helps to build and maintain the image of a highly professional and approachable organisation.


Objectives of the UniCredit sound branding strategy


Client behavior is changing.
The client-bank relationship is increasingly ...
• ... remote, as interactions on the web, mobile banking and ATM have increased
tremendously over the last years.
• ... impersonal, creating a need to also introduce emotional & warm elements on remote channels.

Which values do we generate? What are the benefits for UniCredit?
The emotional power of the UniCredit Sound Identity helps to:

• strengthen the relationship with customers
• create a stronger association with the bank
• differentiate the brand from its peers

Sound as:
• a warm element of the brand identity
• a unifying element for locations in all cultures and markets
• a „humanizer“ for the digital brand experience
• a tool to work with for all media productions on various media channels
• an important tool for internal communication


Implementation Process

The UniCredit Sound Identity contains both a brand theme as well as branded sound elements for usage at different touch points of the bank.
As media budgets are continuously under pressure, a holistic approach to the implementation of the Sound Identity must go beyond the mere usage of sound logos in TV commercials. This type of holistic approach introduces and establishes the Sound Identity successfully on a local level. 
When launching the Sound Identity in local markets it was recommended to leverage the “You Are Welcome” brand theme (or one of its moods) in TV commercials. That way, a bigger effect is generated with the future implementation of the UniCredit sound logo. This is because the sound logo works as a reminder of the brand theme.


Brand Sound

The basis of the UniCredit Sound DNA are the Sound Attributes. These are derived from the UniCredit Brand Positioning and the Communication Format Tone of Voice.
They are also based on the results from UniCredit brand reputation studies as well as relevant insights identified within the Sound Branding process.

Brand Attributes for Sound

UniCredit sounds warm. The sound is not a purely acoustic sound, because the brand is not intended to be naïve or simplistic. The brand sound has different elements and motifs coming from different music styles; all of them trustworthy and authentic. The sound consists of warm and empathic voices, warm instruments, close dimensions and a well-rounded sound spectrum.

Brand Instruments

Brand instruments are defined by ukuleles, acoustic and electric guitars - a typical indie-band sound.
In addition we have also used warm electronics and analog synthesizers as bass instruments or as layers.

Overview of the Sound Identity Elements

• You Are Welcome, the Brand Theme
The Brand Theme You Are Welcome is the basis for all sound elements. It contains the Brand Melody, its basic harmonization and riffs/motifs, which comprise the Sound Identity.

• Sound Logo
The shortest audible element of the brand. The Sound Logo is to be used as a compulsory element at the end of TV spots and is recommended (not compulsory) for use at the end of all UniCredit videos.

• The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece is the basis for development for all UniCredit Sound elements at various touch points.
The Masterpiece contains the “You Are Welcome” Brand Theme as its main mood, as well as four other moods that are played in different styles and arrangements. This allows a flexibility and brand consistent editing for all possible videos and needs at events etc.

The different moods are recommended for different communication applications (internal and external videos).

Serious & Corporate

  • External and Internal communications related to institutional
  • Videos related to Financial Results and Reports
  • product communication

Easy & Friendly

  • Tutorial videos
  • General internal communication (events, reportages, interviews,...)
  • External communication (sponsorships and events)

Dynamic & Activating

  • Innovation initiatives like appathon, fintech accelerator, app camp...
  • General internal communication (events, reportages, interviews, news, market-news,...)


  • External communication (UEFA, sport sponsorships and sport events)
  • Internal communication (events, meetings, sport events)

• Audio Construction Kit

The Audio Construction Kit is a powerful music tool giving film teams, music production teams and other people who work with the sound material from the Masterpiece the possibility to create own edits of the music. It’s a great tool and a great possibility to deliver even more quality-provenmedia works with the usage of branded music.


• Multichannel Sounds
A set of functional sounds and on-hold music to be used for mobile banking, online banking and the customer contact center. They cover different functions and scenarios in the interaction between customer and the bank, helping to make these interactions warmer even on purely digital channels. 

• Film Sound Package
The film sound package contains sounds derived from the Sound DNA, which are to be used at the beginning or at the end of videos, normally accompanying visual animations with titles etc. The film sound package is a powerful tool for video production teams, guaranteeing a standard sound among all UniCredit video productions on digital channels and at corporate events. The film sound package ensures brand compliance and uniformity.

• Employee Branding Package
SMS sounds and Ringtones to be used on emloyees’ smartphones.



Uefa Champions League Billboards with Music from the UniCredit Sound Identity

Ninety-six percent of potential customers better remember a brand whose music reflects its identity. We therefore searched for a warm sound that can be easily connected to UniCredit’s values, and the result perfectly aligns with our ‘Real Life Banking’ brand positioning.
— Silvio Santini, Head of Group Brand Management UniCredit

UniCredit is among the few players worldwide to embrace a sound branding strategy in such a holistic way. We at amp are convinced that music can help financial service brands to connect on an emotional with clients and are very honored to accompany the group as the leading agency for the development and implementation of this Sound Identity. During our intense year of work, we interacted with various cultures and stakeholders and found the UniCredit music to be a unifying language for all of them.
— Michele Arnese, Creative + Managing Director amp

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