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Human Archetypes: the decision for a brand is an emotional one

The basics for our music profiler

The Basics behind our music profiler: the human archetypes.

Music provides the perfect basis for brand communication, evoking emotions in listeners, especially when combined with other stimuli. A coherent brand identity will lead to stronger associations with your product. That is why your brand cannot afford to deny itself holistic brand management.


Under this premise, the decision to buy a product is based on emotional motivation. Strong correspondence and similarities between your brand’s and your customers’ value systems will lead to a more probable purchase.

In collaboration with Rosebud Strategies brand consultants, amp has developed an innovative analysis tool – the Music Profiler – to evaluate and select music that will cultivate your brand's unique emotional relationship with people.
In contrast to conventional approaches, where “all customers in the same target group are alike”, Rosebud Strategies pursues a people-centric branding philosophy, the central assumption being:

"all people are different."

These two individuals share demographic characteristics:


However, according to the Rosebud profiler, they are two distinctly different individuals: 

And as a result, their music profiles are completely different.

In this system, people are defined by the values they choose to accept or reject: a process, which leads to the formation of human archetypes (primordial images of human thought patterns defined in our collective consciousness).

Using these archetypes, we can categorize customers along their wishes and inclinations. This is how we appeal to specific portions of the population emotionally. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the constellation and economic relevance of these archetypes varies from region to region. A complete archetypal mapping of your country’s population will most likely require recent market research.

Archetypes are influenced by the local culture, so each country's Archetype distribution and definition is unique.
Following archetypes have been discerned (Example Germany): innovators (INO), hedonists (HED), progressive maximalists (PMX), traditional maximalists (TMX), humanists (HUM), traditionalists (TRA), minimalists (MIN) and
rational performers (RPE).

In collaboration with Tom Ramoser of Rosebud Strategies, amp has defined archetype-specific attributes, providing the basis for this multidimensional value system. These attributes have been translated to musical parameters, allowing amp to calibrate harmonic progression, rhythmic complexity, tempo and dynamics to support specific attributes.

The Music Profiler helps amp choose and create brand-specific music for the Sound Identity creativity and for all audible brand touch points, such as stores (e.g. compilations/playlists) or advertising (e.g. composed Brand Songs). It is a universal tool, making your brand acoustically unique and fulfilling the most important criteria of brand sound – the brand fit.

Using this rational approach, amp is able to create tangible emotional results in the form of unique and recognizable brand experiences.

Karolina Namyslowski