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We take positioning seriously.

WE Take Positioning seriously.

We know the relationship between music and human archetypes.

Using data based on 15 years of market research in various cultures (Europe, USA, China, etc.), we can analyze correspondences between your target group’s value system and specific musical parameters. 

How does one truly speak to Innovators with music? What about Progressive Maximalists? Using our cross-cultural understanding of human archetypes we can provide these answers (both qualitative and quantitative), in the form of creative briefings: these serve as the basis for your Sound DNA. 



the rule breaking progressives

We are creative and restless rule breakers.
We are attracted to: complex/unpredictable rhythm patterns, impulsive tempos, innovative instrumentation and dynamic song structures.





the attention seeking maximalistS

We are confident, loud, dynamic and expressive attention seekers. 
We are attracted to: competing instrumentation, loud music and impactful sounds. 






the traditional performer

Old-fashioned, quiet and pure traditional performers.
We are attracted to: simple / timeless rhythm patterns, complementary voices and warm sounds.





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Karolina Namyslowski