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Triumph, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of underwear, is not only repositioning its brand, but at the same time implementing a unique sound concept in its redesigned stores. The goal of the collaboration with the amp audio branding agency was to have the stores not only look, but also sound like Triumph. To this end, amp made use of its innovative, target-group and brand-specific Music Profiler (music assessment tool) to translate the Triumph brand identity using human archetypes.

In collaboration with the Triumph brand marketing and retail departments, the Music Profiler was configured for Triumph’s brand values and target groups. The Music Profiler is a music assessment tool filled with qualitative and quantitative data gleaned in more than twenty years of working on projects with international brands.

Using this rational approach, amp was able to create an emotional result in the sense of a holistic, unique and recognizable brand experience in the store: the Triumph Store Music Library. Taking consideration for human circadian rhythms, the library was also adjusted to suit specific times of day. The result is one part of a holistic acoustic identity and will continue to provide plenty of potential for future use at contact points of the Triumph brand outside the stores.

The implementation of the Triumph Store Music Library starts in the Nordic region (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Benelux countries) and will continue in the USA, UK and D.A.CH (German, Austria and Switzerland), as well as in other countries in the coming weeks.

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