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In collaboration with Rosebud Strategies brand consultancy, amp has developed an innovative analysis tool – the so-called Music Profiler – which enables music to be selected that puts the brand into an unique emotional relationship with people.
In contrast to conventional approaches, such as the typical product-centered "all customers in the same target group are alike", Rosebud Strategies pursues a people-centered brand philosophy whose central assumption and statement is:

“All people are different”.

Decisions to buy are based on emotional motivation. The stronger the accord between the value system of the brand and that of the customer, the more probable is the decision to buy.
Accepting or rejecting specific values distinguishes people. This leads to human archetypes: primordial images of human thought patterns laid down in the collective unconscious.
With the aid of these archetypes, it is possible to specify customer types along with their wishes, inclinations and aversions, and appeal to them emotionally. The constellation and economic relevance of the archetypes varies from region to region.
In Germany, the following archetypes can be ascertained: innovators (INO), hedonists (HED), progressive maximalists (PMX), traditional maximalists (TMX), humanists (HUM), traditionalists (TRA), minimalists (MIN) and rational performers (RPE).

Example: Agreement with the value "tranquil" is a character trait of traditionalists.

The traditionalist’s antagonist is the progressive maximalist (bigger is better, looking for fun and amusement, strong orientation to fashion and luxury, etc.) who rejects the value "tranquil", but for example accepts the value "thrills and fun".

These personality profiles are the result of analyses done by Rosebud Strategies, which has been studying the values and behavior of consumers worldwide for more than fifteen years, and is based on market research for brands like BacardiEstée LauderCoca Cola, etc.

In collaboration with Tom Ramoser of Rosebud Strategies, amp has carried the archetype-specific attributes on which a multidimensional value system is based over to the auditory domain with time-tested musical parameters (including harmonic and rhythmic complexity, tempo, dynamics).

This approach is a part of the Music Profiler developed by amp and consisting of two components: while the first component takes up the topic of the archetypes, the second component completes the Music Profiler by adding the values, attributes and characteristics of a brand. This results in a three-stage process:

The Music Profiler is for choosing brand-specific music for various touch points, such as stores or advertising, and is thus a universal tool for making the brand acoustically distinctive and fulfilling the most important quality criterion of a brand’s sound – the brand fit.

The collaboration between amp and Rosebud Strategies, and the resulting Music Profiler, were already successfully put to use in mid-2013 for the worldwide implementation of the music library for Triumph brand stores.

Using this rational approach, amp was able to create an emotional result in the sense of a holistic, unique and recognizable brand experience.

About Rosebud Strategies:

Rosebud Strategies consists of an interdisciplinary team of seasoned experts from all over the world and offers all the services involved in strategic brand consultancy. The economic relevance of a strategy is analyzed with a scientific approach and an emotion-based method. The "Profiler" has been used by Rosebud Strategies in more than 100 projects and was mentioned in a variety of different publications (Manager Magazine, Harvard Business Review, etc.). Here is a selection of references: Coca Cola, Bosch, Escada, Esprit, VW, Aspirin, Clinique, Mercedes Benz, Agip, Master Card, China Telecom.