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Constantly challenging the status quo, empowering individuality and actively engaging in music culture – is this the secret formula to making consumers gravitate toward your brand? We were proud to have adidas Originals, the winner of the Entertainment Lion for Music Grand Prix, on our panel at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. amp's Global CMO and author of 101 Great Minds on Music, Brands and Behavior, Uli Reese, spoke to adidas Originals' Jenny Pham and Silvia Calligher about the role of music in their award-winning brand films.

2016 and 2017 have been characterized by outstanding success at adidas Originals. Having won a Cannes Lion in 2016 for the incredible creative work on their “Future” campaign, the German sportswear Group was awarded with an Entertainment Lion for Music Grand Prix for the “Original Is Never Finished” campaign at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity last week.

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amp had the pleasure of having two of the key decision-makers and creative masterminds at Originals on its panel: Jenny Pham, Global Director of Brand Communication & Marketing, and Silvia Calligher, Global Director of PR, Social Media and Trend Marketing. It was a conversation full of inspiring insights on the element of music in advertising and especially in the branding process at Originals in the past couple of years. When asked about the secret to the law of attraction surrounding the brand - looking at their numerous partnerships with the Who is Who of the music, sports and fashion industry - Calligher mentioned the fact that adidas see themselves as a ‘cultural brand’, which has always had a natural affinity to music” rather than a sports brand. She also referred to the huge product range of adidas Originals as an important aspect: “We don’t want to impose a certain style on people. We want people to be free to find their own identity in their own way. So, in our products, you can always find something that resonates with you. And I think that’s how artists have felt in the past, as well.” Jenny Pham pulled back the curtain on the role of music in the “Your Future Is Not Mine” and “Original Is Never Finished” brand films, explaining how the relationship between the music and the message was different in each of them. “In 2016, the message came first and we built a track around it, whereas in 2017 there was the unique approach which was building the track, the message and the work from the ground up at the same time.” She also expressed praise for adidas’ creative agency, Johannes Leonardo and the entire creative team behind the projects. Silvia emphasized that some decisions in the process were not data driven for a reason: “Our creative approach as a brand is to challenge the status quo, and I don’t think that any kind of marketing research or consumer data could have led to the decision of using the song My Way”. For more insights on the adidas Originals’ relationship with music, read the full interviews with Jenny Pham and Silvia Calligher as part of Uli Reese's 101 Great Minds on Music, Brands and Behavior project in our Talkin’ Loud blog.

amp's Global CMO Uli with adidas Originals' Jenny Pham and Silvia Calligher.

amp's Global CMO Uli with adidas Originals' Jenny Pham and Silvia Calligher.