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amp kicks off collaboration with Veritonic, the first analytics platform built to quantify the value of sound. 


Machine Listening and Learning™

With over three years of data accumulated and more being added daily with every analysis, weigh the audio creative against thousands of other tracks, voices and sounds, and understand their relative power instantly.

Live Panel Data

How does the machine continue to learn? By surveying real people on how they feel about audio creative. Our patent pending survey technology captures the realtime emotional response, recall and purchase intent of the audiences you’re interested in — from general population to any custom segment you wish to create.

Pre-market creative testing for maximum ROI.

Get instant predictive baseline scores or launch a panelist test for your pre-market audio creative to learn which tracks resonate best with the general population or your specific target audience. Use market and industry Norms and Context to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Context and benchmarks for audio creative best practices.

Unique Echotime™ metrics help you understand recall, memorability, and breakthrough. Track impact, customer and prospect attitudes, and much more with Pre- and Post-Exposure Purchase Intent and configurable follow-up questions.




Karolina Namyslowski