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These Brands have the best audio identity!

As one of the top media brands for current news, German E-Paper Horizont covers wide range of topics from the world of marketing, advertising and media.

In June this year Horizont published an article on sound branding, featuring amp. The author discussed the effectiveness of acoustic brand communication and achieving recognition through a combination of different methods and tools. The focus of the article is on amp’s Audio Brand Index, which aims to create an objective and comprehensive system for evaluating sound and music in branding. The ranking analyzes strategy, quality, impact and efficiency of sound.


“Consumers are increasingly using auditory elements such as voice assistants to communicate or access content. Given this context even brands that have established their visual identities are at risk to loose out when it comes to multi sensory customer experiences. Moving forward, the strongest brands will be defined by how they engage with customers at every touch point not just visually but also through sound.”

_Michele Arnese, amp.

McDonald’s leads all brands in the rankings with a 51.1 out of a possible 100 points. They were followed closely by Disney with 50.7 points. This score is based on criteria such as trust, recognition and customer loyalty.

There is lot’s of room for improvement, even for the leading audio brands.

You can read the full article here.

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Irina Milojevic