In detail

The Approach: Giving the brand more importance and visibility

The Airbus Group got a new identity resulting from the former company behind the brand, EADS. The company was rebranded at the beginning of 2014, taking the name from the most important brand, Airbus, in order to give the brand more importance and visibility – the Airbus Group was born.

Defining and Creating the sound for Airbus Group

In joint work with the branding agency Lambie Nairn amp developed and produced the main sound for the motion identity, that was used as opener in all media productions.

The result and its potential

The sound is an acoustic translation of the combination of
an upwards striving power and the reliability of a strong brand – Airbus’ secret of success.

The implementation of the motion identity has already begun and the Airbus-Sound is hearable in Airbus-Group’s YouTube channel.