In detail

The Approach: A sound congruent with visual CI and brand attributes

CAMP BECKENBAUER – THE FUTURE OF SPORTS – is the claim of the event taking place since 2013. International decision makers and opinion leaders from sports, media and economy converge on CAMP BECKENBAUER for an exchange of ideas about socio political issues in form of lextures and panel discussions. A gala evening and the Kaiser Golf Trophy build an appropriate framework. The impressive mountain chain known as "Wilder Kaiser" in the Kitzbühel Alps is the magnificent backdrop of the event location and the source of inspiration for the visual identity of CAMP BECKENBAUER.

Defining and Creating the sound for Camp Beckenbauer

Both, the motif and the body of sound are congruent with the visual CI and the brand attributes. The melody of the four-tone motif is also inspired by the exalted backdrop of "Wilder Kaiser". The sound and melody are perceived as stimulating and motivating to bring in new ideas. The sound of a french horn as the leading instrument symbolizes the strong think tank and impact of CAMP BECKENBAUER and also reveals timelessness. With pulsating elements in the strings and figures of electronic percussion the expertise and analytical procedures appear more clearly.

Each day schedule block of the three-day event was under a specific theme (summit, gala, golf party). So, the strong brand tune was heard in each of these musical moods:


The result and its potential

amp developed a holistic concept for the music and brand communication.

Three different moods in the music give the event a unique character.

For the touchpoints film, tv-spots and announcements a characteristic brand voice represents the brand CAMP BECKENBAUER. 

From the brand melody there were more adaptions of melodic forms for the announcements, the stage appearance of guests and hosts, as well as for the production of specific items on the programme (e.g. audience voting). These musical forms run from beginning until the end like a golden thread trough the entire event. The sound thus acted like an acoustic business card and met the audience even after the event to relevant touchpoints.

Customized playlists underlined the core values of the brand and emphasize an individual atmosphrere during the event breaks.