In detail

The Approach: A sound identity mirroring the club's posture and roots

China Club's management decided to add an integrated music concept add to its visual identity underscoring both: the club’s exclusive quality and its special relationship with the Asian and Chinese cultural region.

Defining and Creating the sound for China Club Berlin

After several workshops together with the management, amp developed a concept which on the one hand entailed composing and producing its own brand song and on the other producing a high-quality compilation of well-known pieces played by famous performers, presented in an elegant package appealing to the touch and with graphics suited to the China Club’s CI.

The result and its potential

After choosing the titles, clarifying the rights involved and monitoring the specific stages of production, the compilation "Aperó Mondial" came into being. It opens and closes with the title “Taste of China” composed and produced by amp exclusively for China Club Berlin. In between are eleven other excellent numbers from the world repertoire evoking the fine atmosphere of a cocktail hour in various places around the world: from an apéro in Paris to an aperitif in Berlin to an aperitivo in Rio de Janeiro to a fànqiánjiǔ in Shanghai or a cocktail in New York.