In detail

The Approach: Event-transformation through sound

In June 1999 - for the first time since 1951 - Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Award) was to be held as part of a glamorous TV gala to rival Hollywood's Oscar night. For the nearly four-hour mega-event, which brought together the crème de la crème of German culture, the German Federal Film Board commissioned production company Schwanstein AG which wanted a Hollywood-grade soundtrack that would encompass the whole evening, from the arrival of the guests to the winner’s anthem up to the grand finale with all the prize-winners.

Defining and Creating the sound for Deutscher Filmpreis

After being briefed by the production company, amp composed the theme song, presenting it for three areas of application – the grand opening, the winner jingle, and the closer – recommending a large symphony orchestra to play it, unostentatiously enhanced with synthetic drum loops.

The result and its potential

With the cooperation of 72 members of the Bavarian State Orchestra, and after completing the extensive arranging and orchestrating work, as well as mixing the sound in the company’s own studio, the power and grandeur of the music embedded this award ceremony in a superb context