In detail

The Approach: Nature's never steady - nor is its soundscape

The most significant new feature of Munich Fabric Start in 2011 was the Blue Zone becoming greener. The fair's fifty-four denim specialists were united in the Eco Village, devoted to goods produced in an eco-friendly manner.

Defining and Creating the sound for Munich Fabric Start

To provide an acoustic setting of the Eco Village, amp created a generative soundscape with sounds from the world of nature and musical fragments with natural instruments. The sounds were mixed from two categories, the world of nature and the animal kingdom. amp configured a software that mixed the sounds and musical fragments "live", supplying the so-called generative approach.

The result and its potential

This generative soundscape served as natural backdrop and provided an acoustic setting for the Eco Village which making it more recognizable and emotional.

The generative soundscape was used for the entire term of the exhibition and, thanks to the generative approach, never appeared worn-out but always fresh, entertaining and full of variety.