In detail

The Approach: Culture and culinary dainty need acoustic delicacies

A show that is of high artistic and culinary quality needs music to match – strong, tasteful in quality and rich in variations, able to fulfill a variety of different functions. It serves as musical foundation for the event, accompanies the artistic performances, is often part of the action on stage and also provides background music for the meals.

Defining and Creating the sound for Pomp Duck And Circumstance

In close consultation with the respective directors, artists and producers, tailored pieces were composed and arranged to be integrated into the respective overall concept. The heart of the music is a live six-man band featuring outstanding musicians. The unusual combination of instruments – trumpet, saxophone / flute, violin / guitar, piano / synthesizer, bass and drums – enables them to serve up a musical repertoire rich in styles and genres ranging from Baroque to rock to jazz and folk.

The result and its potential

The music at Pomp Duck And Circumstance was a key factor in helping the show achieve worldwide success and fame, and now entertains guests with spirit, variety and surprises of superior quality.