In detail

The approach: Hotels - more than accommodations

A hotel is an overall concept, an expression of style. It is an attitude. Therefore music is meanwhile a classic image factor of a hotel – music as an expression of the in-house lifestyle with highest demands to quality in interior and service. But how does The Dolder Grand sound?

Defining and Creating the sound for The Dolder Grand

In order to create a The Dolder Grand-specific and exclusive sound, amp got together with the The Dolder Grand branding team to develop a concept which incorporates and unites The Dolder Grand’s brand values on the one hand, and on the other the profiles of its human archetypes. The concept was the basis for the implementation of  the "The Dolder GrandMusic Library" in all public areas of the hotel.


1st step: from the artist to the song
To get started, amp first filled the The Dolder Grand Music Library with potential songs by so-called "core artists", which match The Dolder Grand's brand values and then looked for other artists with common attributes across all genres to expand the list of core artists.

2nd step: from the song to the The Dolder Grand brand
If the analysis of a song yield a correspondence with the The Dolder Grand archetypes and brand values, then the title was added to the The Dolder Grand Music Library.

3rd step: playlists for different times of day
Based on human circadian rhythms, the songs from the The Dolder Grand Music Library were sorted into playlists for different times of day according to the energy level of the songs to fulfill the different needs according to the human performance, for example in the Garden Restaurant.

As the result of amp's work with the Dolder Grand Branding team, amp got an essence of The Dolder Grand’s brand values out of the corporate brand strategy and summarised them in topics. These topics were translated into musical parameters.

Listen to the themes on Spotify:


Spotify Playlist “Closeness”

Spotify Playlist “Castle & Zurich”

Spotify Playlist “Tradition & future”

Spotify Playlist “Detox”

Spotify Playlist “Beauty”

Spotify Playlist “Vitality”

Spotify Playlist “Relax”

Although each area of the luxury resort  (lobby, restaurant, entrance hall, SPA) has its’ own needs and requirements it was important to create an integrated and holistic sound concept for The Dolder Grand incorporating and uniting The Dolder Grand’s brand values and satisfying each area's needs. That’s why amp used the music from the different Dolder Grand topics in various proportions and day parts referring to the special needs and circumstances of each area.

The result and its potential

amp has given The Dolder Grand an acoustic identity which expresses the special Dolder-experience in a sustainable way. The Dolder Grand’s guests experience the topics "closeness", "castle & Zurich", "tradition & future" audibly during their stay at the Dolder Grand and take these impressions home as a memory,  as a special souvenir. In the spa area the musical topics accord to the Dolder Grand’s Spa concept called "Life Balance", containing four different programs ("relax", "vitality", "beauty" and "detox") and supporting to immerse the guests in health and well-being, restore their bodies and souls to physical balance and inner harmony.