In detail

The Approach: Conveying conference's message through sound

At the Linde Management Conference the entire board and the 500 top managers of the company from all regions of the world meet every two years to define, discuss and evaluate strategic issues for the company development. amp’s task was to stage the Management Conference 2010 musically and acoustically by taking up the topics of the conference emotionally so they remain permanently in the memory of participants. Referring to the theme "Taking the Lead" and based on the global internal program to create an HPO organization that is capable to become worldwide market leader for industrial gases.

Defining and Creating the sound for the Management Conference

The cornerstone of this acoustic identity was the catchy, versatile Linde theme, which grows into a four-movement suite. The music was played by a classical symphony orchestra, supplemented by ethnic and electronic instruments. This takes the audience on an awe-inspiring journey through four epochs and the most important phases of the company’s history. The music joins tradition with the future, reflects the company’s values, can be used all over the world and be performed by a wide variety of different ensembles.

The result and its potential

How do you create true passion? One good way is with a very special musical experience. As happened at the Linde Management Conference, where 500 attendees were treated to a surprise premiere of the Linde Suite. The audience was held spellbound by the symphony orchestra and the four soloists on ethnic and electronic instruments – most importantly the Tenori-On, a keyboard whose LED key matrix let them see the music as it was being played. Soon all Linde employees around the world were sharing in this experience. Following the success of the premiere, the Linde Suite, along with a personal greeting from the CEO, traveled around the world and was heard by every employee – audible proof of a common identity.