In detail

The Approach: Uniting 64,000 employees through sound

The Linde Group was looking for an element which could create an identity to turn the group’s strong sense of togetherness into a feeling that can be emotionally experienced, one whose uniqueness can be understood in multicultural, cross-border and intuitive terms. That is why Linde chose amp, with its unusual form of expression: a perfect declination of acoustic branding. After all, music is a universal language that can convey emotion, tradition and values faster than any other means of communication.

Defining and Creating the sound of The Linde Group

The cornerstone of this acoustic identity is the catchy, versatile Linde theme, which grows into a four-movement suite. The music is played by a classical symphony orchestra, supplemented by ethnic and electronic instruments. This takes its listener on an awe-inspiring journey through four epochs and the most important phases of the The Linde Group's history. The music joins tradition with the future, reflects The Linde Group’s values, can be used worldwide and be performed by a wide variety of different ensembles.

The result and its potential

amp set up the Linde Suite as an international project. The internationally-unifying character of the Linde Suit can already be recognized when looking at its contributors: Los Angeles, Vancouver, Cologne, Munich and Bratislava served as stations to the realization of a musical work where composer, orchestration, arranger, orchestra and agency contributed to an international product. The Suite is used as basis for the production of other components of acoustic branding and as an emotional and effective staging used for worldwide events (corporate events, brand merger events, award ceremonies, etc.) to make the Linde spirit a memorable and lasting experience. An experience that all Linde employees worldwide are supposed to share. After the successful premiere at the Linde Management Conference 2010, the Linde Suite was sent as CD to all employees around the globe – as audible evidence of a common identity and accompanied by a personal greeting from the CEO.