Brüggler is the first Swiss »made to measure« watch company. The company’s highly customizable and fascinating time pieces are available worldwide via brand ambassadors and at selected horology specialists in cities including Paris, Zurich and London: In the prestigious Fine Watch Room at Harrods, an exclusive selection of  Brüggler’s watches in on display. Brüggler’s unique blend of a no-holds-barred attitude, its self-assured zest for life, and its uncompromising technical standards are reflected in unique music libraries curated by amp.




  • Workshop with the Brand for translating the brand personality into music
  • Layouts and library compilation
  • Adaptation for events (Polo Classic)
  • Embedding in the watch configuration page
  • Branded Spotify channels
  Michael Brüggler,   Founder and Managing Director

Michael Brüggler,
Founder and Managing Director

“Brüggler now also has its own unique Sound: amp, one of the leading sound branding agencies wordwide has translated our brand and our personality into music. We now use our very own amp-curated Spotify playlists at our events and on our digital channels, to be heard in our customers’ homes, making our brand audible everywhere, emotionalizing our brand in all channels."

This new audible brand identity evokes the Brüggler brand in both digital and analogue channels: Customers using Brüggler’s innovative software to explore the full potential of individualization and create truly individual time pieces that are then ahnd-assembled by Swiss specialists, can experience the brand emotionally through the sound of Brüggler. And at exclusive brand events, such as the Brüggler Polo Classic in the »Villa a Sesta Polo Club«, specially curated playlists provide the perfect accompaniment for special customers who appreciate the newest Brüggler watches, while drinking select Chianti wines in a relaxed Tuscan atmosphere.


In search of a unique sound concept that is true to their Swiss chronographs, Brüggler approached the sound branding experts at amp. To establish this brand-specific music library, amp developed a concept that integrated both Brüggler’s brand values and the archetype profiles of Brüggler’s target groups.

 How we compiled the Brüggler Music Library

How we compiled the Brüggler Music Library

During the initial phase of the project, Michael Brüggler invited amp into the world of his brainchild to help define the sound of Brüggler. A workshop served as the starting point for the development of a Creative Brief, which ultimately defines the sound of the brand and its essence.

In analytical psychology, archetypes are thought to be situated in the collective unconscious and serve as primordial images of human value systems. Using data based on 15 years of market research in various cultures (Europe, USA, China, etc.), we can analyze correspondences between the target group’s value system and specific musical parameters. In accordance with this approach, we used our »Music Profiler« to analyse all potential Brüggler-specific songs and assign them to different archetypes, depending on the evaluation of their musical parameters. Only those songs which resonated with Brüggler’s core archetypes were selected.

Once a song’s target archetype was found to correspond to one of the Brüggler customer archetypes, it was further evaluated against amp’s musical translation of the Brüggler brand values. These assessments were not done automatically, but by experts, albeit assisted by specialized software. But how can brand values be represented in a song?
If a brand and its products are supposed to sound self-assured, self-determined, carefree or passionate, then a more intensive study of the songs and their performers is called for. For instance, if the mood of a song is oppressive, the lyrics not very self-aware and the performer not autonomous, then there will be no agreement between the song and a brand whose central brand value is self-awareness. The title is therefore deemed unsuitable for the Music Library.

The resulting playlists are an audible invitation to explore the infinite possibilities of Brüggler’s bold idea. Rather than trying to fulfill certain expectations a potential customer might have of the brand sound, Brüggler sounds exactly like the distinctive watches bearing its name: Self-confident, somewhat playful, funky and generally effortless. Which by the way is pretty much how Michael Brüggler characterizes the people who enjoy his watches.

The future sound of Brüggler

For Brüggler, this translation of brand values into a curated music selection is only the beginning. As it continuously strives for individuality, Brüggler’s next step in sound branding is to explore the possibility of a unique sound identity: a brand masterpiece - written, recorded and specifically produced to resonate with the brand – »music made-to-measure«.


Behind the fascinating concept of BRÜGGLER lies a Swiss start-up with fresh values, unconventional ideas and a real passion for horology. Brüggler believes that the pursuit of individuality completes the owner’s personality, and it is certain that beautiful, unique things mirror these values.