Geberit has always been a solid brand with a history of reliable and functional sanitary solutions for professionals – under the claim “Know How Installed”.

Geberit now has a new face: the reliable technology behind the wall is now complemented by perfectly designed, highly functional bathroom products. Under the claim “Design Meets Function”, Geberit is bringing this new world to life for end-consumers.

To strengthen the connection between this technical Know-How and outstanding functional design, a holistic Sound Identity was developed to guarantee a connected brand experience.

The result can be heard at all audible touchpoints of the customer journey.


  • Collaboration with Geberit global brand and marketing team and with local Geberit marketing and identity teams
  • Creation of a Sound DNA and a Sound Identity for all audible touchpoints of the brand, including Digital channels, Brand Spaces/Conventions, and customer contact centers.
  1. An in-depth study of Geberit, during which the brand's personality and identity are translated into sound attributes. 
  2. A Sound Branding workshop that resulted in the creative briefing for the following processes.
  3. Development of the Sound DNA creative routes.
  4. Assessment of the Sound DNA routes and decision fo the Geberit Sound DNA.
  5. Development of the Sound Identity elements, including various styles for different communication activities: products, tutorials, etc.
  6. Workshop with Brand and agency partners to define and explain sound identity usage.
The new Geberit world

Scope of Work

Using the Sound DNA we developed various elements for all audible touchpoints.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 14.46.57.png

You can currently find videos using the Sound DNA, Moods, and other Geberit Sound Identity elements on Geberit's YouTube Channel:

Excerpt of the elements

Sound DNA

All brand values together with all other pertinent information from the brand story and the brand purpose were translated into sound attributes. The Sound DNA was created based on these Geberit sound attributes.

Inside the Geberit Sound logo

The Sound Logo connects the Geberit brand and its products. The sounds that we recorded tell a story of evolution: from the sound of a reliable technology behind the wall to the freshness of water, for the perfect bathroom experience.


AquaClean Campaign

Sound DNA (Instrumental)



Geberit is a Swiss multinational group specialized in manufacturing and supplying sanitary parts and related systems. It is a leader in its field in Europe with a global presence. It has operations in more than 41 countries. Geberit's strategy rests on four pillars: focus on sanitary technology, commitment to innovation, selective geographic expansion and continuous business process optimization. Geberit products are distributed wholesale, with the company training over 100,000 plumbers and decision-makers a year at its 25 training centers around the world or at external training courses. To date, Geberit has received a range of awards for the company's innovative strength, product design and its strong focus on sustainability.